kim-mccusker-and-her-dog-henryThe deliberate and malicious act of one man would impact and change my life forever. This single act would also impact the lives of the people who were close to me – my family and friends. It would go far beyond that too, and impact the lives of people I may never meet or know. This single act was the senseless attack on me by a man with his taxi full of passengers and one which most people wouldn’t survive. I was hit and dragged along tar, underneath a vehicle, for 780 metres.

My life may have been compromised but I am stronger and more determined than ever before.

The saying goes something like this: “You never really know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”. But being strong and learning from those who have had no other option is the only one I have had.

From an early age, birth defects would begin to shape the resilience and attitude I have towards anything that comes my way. More than one sibling with drug addictions, later on in life, would teach me how not to let weaknesses become all powerful. In dealing with suicide and overdoses my family would show me how to keep going on.

My story is not only about what happened one day in September in 2011. That is the part of me that many already know. My story is about much more than that and much more of me than I have ever cared to share. My story is not about being a victim or about being a consequence of another person’s choice. It is about making choices for yourself with what is available to you, taking control and surviving and thriving in life despite what comes your way.

I hope my story will help even just one person. Remember, that which seems impossible, hopeless or overwhelming is never bigger than you are!

Author of Scarred – But Not For Life