Scarred – My Book

My book is dedicated to casualties, fighters and warriors of life, who have loved and lost, suffered and survived.

Always remember – “believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt.

scarred-kim-mccusker-3d13 September 2011. The story would shock thousands and be remembered by many for years to come. It would be plastered all over the papers and continue to attract interest well after the shock factor of what happened had passed. Reports and articles would be written, and “facts”, as given to reporters by some of those involved and willing to be interviewed, would be recounted and repeated in all forms of public media over the months and even years that followed. And although these versions would generate widespread outrage, none was entirely accurate.  

The stories were about me. I was there. 

I am Kim McCusker, “the girl who was dragged by a taxi”.  

This, as I experienced it, is the true version of events in Scarred – But Not For Life.


Author of Scarred – But Not For Life